Schedule an Appointment at Your Convenience

Schedule an Appointment at Your Convenience

Our Notary Public Travels Blacklick, Whitehall, OH And Surrounding Areas.

You may not have enough free time to visit a general notary company, especially if they're headquartered far out of your way. Thankfully, A Complete Notary & Services can visit you. We offer fully mobile notary services in Blacklick, Whitehall, OH and surrounding areas.

You can choose to meet at your home, in an office or in a public space. We can assist you with a legal, court or school document such as:

  • A last will and testament
  • A power of attorney
  • An affidavit
  • An executorship
  • A deed of trust
  • A custody or guardianship agreement
  • A vehicle title transfer
  • A vehicle bill of sale
  • A vendor contract
  • A memorandum
  • A commercial lease
  • An employment contract
  • A construction or loan agreement
  • A transcript
  • A diploma
  • A proof of residency
  • A permission slip

If you need a notary's assistance with any of these documents, call 614-927-8826 now. You can choose a convenient time, date and location to schedule our mobile notary services.

We offer remote online notarization services

Maybe you don't live in Ohio, but you need a notary public from this state to notarize a document. We can use a secure platform with live audio and video to provide remote online notarization services. Contact our general notary company today for details.

Disclaimer: A Notary is NOT a lawyer. It is against the law for Notaries who aren't attorneys to provide certain kinds of advice and services. This is known as an Unauthorized Practice of Law