Do You Have Questions for Us?

Do You Have Questions for Us?

Learn about resources and consult our local notary based in Blacklick, OH

If you have questions about working with a notary, you can consult A Complete Notary & Services in Blacklick, OH. To speak with us directly, call 614-927-8826 now. You can also visit the Ohio Secretary of State website to learn more.

What type of ID do you need to bring?

We'll need a passport, a driver's license or a government-issued photo identification card to verify your identity. For security purposes, we can't move forward without identification.

Can we notarize a signed document?

If the document is an acknowledgment, we can notarize it. If the document is a jurat certificate like an affidavit, we can't notarize it - the document requires an affirmation or oath before it is signed. Contact us today to discuss your document with a professional.

Does everyone involved in a vehicle title sale need to visit us?

No. We only need to meet with the seller to verify the "assignment of ownership" information on the back of the document. We'll make sure that the purchase price, buyer's name, buyer's address, date of transfer and current mileage are filled out, witness your signature and notarize the title.