What Else Can We Do for You?

What Else Can We Do for You?

Explore options like field inspections in Blacklick, Whitehall, OH AND SURROUNDING AREAS.

A Complete Notary & Services can provide a wide range of services, including field inspections, in Blacklick, Whitehall, OH and the surrounding area.

We offer:

  • Field inspection and property preservation services for financial institutions
  • Safe deposit box content certification services
  • Immigration form services
  • I-9 verification services
  • Finger printing services
  • Wedding officiation services

To find out more about anything from wedding officiation to finger printing services, call 614-927-8826 today. We'll be happy to share information and answer your questions.

Do you need to serve or deliver a document?

If you need to serve legal papers to another person, finding that person can be challenging. We can help you use a variety of resources like city, county and state records to find them. We can also use phone directories and public utility records. To deliver your document more easily, work with A Complete Notary & Services.